An Ode to the Bee

original piece of work by Satya Swarup Sahu, all Rights Reserved.

‘Bees’ have long been symbols of social behavior, community spirit and intelligent cooperation; the ‘Hive’ representing modular workspaces. Inspired by nature, our workspaces too were architected as modular hives to influence collective behavior — until this pandemic.

What would ‘bees’ do if they were forced into social distancing? Will they adapt and survive? That’s a question difficult to answer — perhaps, they may not. But we as humans are adapting and adopting newer ways to strive — we have this ability to survive!

In our professions, we have reached a point in time, where the very definition of ‘new normal’ includes technology-enabled remote working models — for some professions manifested as permanent ‘work from home’, ‘distributed working models’, and ‘secure borderless workspaces’.

While we have said good bye to the old workspaces — I sincerely do hope they embrace us back soon, one day — I thought it’s apt to write an ode to the tiny social creatures — the honeybees — who with their beautifully designed hives have long inspired our architects to build these workspaces.



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Satya Swarup Sahu

I am fond of literature in all its creative avatars. I seek inspiration in writing — it’s a novel art of meditation.